Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You are The One (Reposted from and edited some parts by Me)

Teruntuk : My Greatest Husband, Hardiansyah Ramadhan

Blessed to have seen you that March 17th,
to have ever known you,
to love you,
and gosh.. to now be your wife.
I cherish u,
I am grateful for your existence ever in my life,
I am more than lucky to have you near me.
You are love
You are life
You are this heartbeat
You are my every breath
You are beautiful memories
You are my crazy wonderful future
You are my everything.
From up to down
From happy to sad
From laughter to anger
From immature to wise
From wild to safe
There you are always.
You’re the warmest blanket every morning.
You’re the funniest friend that always successfully made me laugh.
You’re the best lesson I’ve ever learned.
Everything in you is what I need.
Everything in you is what I want.
You are…
You are the one.


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